Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

Ongoing professional development for Architect Members is a key factor that keeps our members as the trusted leaders of the profession. In order to maintain their membership in good standing, AIA Architect Members are required to earn 18 learning unit hours (LUs) of continuing education on an annual basis. A minimum of 12 of these hours must be on Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topics. And of the 12 HSW hours, 4 of them must be about Sustainable Design. In states that have their own licensing requirements, AIA Continuing Education courses can often serve the dual purpose of fulfilling these obligations as well.

AIA Members can access their transcript and other online education resources 24/7 via the Education Page {} on the AIA website.

Additionally, AIA Member Care CES offers personal assistance to members with questions or concerns regarding their professional development. They can be reached at 800-242-3837 (option 3) or via email at

AIA Central Valley offers a variety of continuing education opportunities throughout the year to assist our members in meeting their professional development requirements. Please visit our Calendar for upcoming courses.