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VISIONARY – Bjørn Kierulf

By cpietralunga
In January 14, 2015

Since 2008 Createrra has designed and built over 70 Passive House projects in Slovakia, near Austria. The volume of passive houses alone is remarkable considering they were done under the global financial crisis that has deeply affected the building sector.

The houses are modest; therefore affordable, yet significant focus has been on the materials used to construct them.  While meeting the strict criteria required for Passive House performance, a very intentional focus on the embodied energy and being natural was used.  In doing so they collaborated with a manufacturer of a pre-fabricated straw panel systems that is load bearing and other manufacturers of wall and ceiling elements using wood fiber insulation, limestone bricks, and air purifying clay plaster sourced all from local regional areas. They have also helped introduce a highly sophisticated, high performance window and innovative heat recovery ventilation systems. Their work has shown that regional sourcing and supply chains can be created in any region and be able to achieve certification to the highest standards, including Cradle to Cradle and Passive House standards.

For high performance buildings to be truly sustainable, a local product supply chain needs to be established.  This is the inspiration that can stimulate more cottage industries in our area and create more jobs!

Bjørn is an award winning industrial designer. He and his architect wife, Zuzana Kierulfová, started a company called Createrra, designing more than 70 passive houses in Slovakia. They became renowned in Europe for the extensive use of non-toxic natural materials built to the Passive House Standard.  Bjørn is a leading speaker for the “Passive House” home movement and is an active member of the scientific advisory board for the International Passive House Conference.

Continuing Education Units will be available for AIA, USGBC, and Living Future Collaborative’s members.

Wed, February 18th, 2015
5:30 pm (register, presentation begins at 6:00pm, light refreshments)

$20 AIA Members/USGBC Members, $25 non-members, Students, FREE w/ valid ID

Consumes River College, Winn Center, 8401 Center Parkway, Sacramento
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